Friday, August 6, 2010

MTV world stage!

Hello humans. :) MTV WORLD STAGE !! :D
Very the awesome! haha I can finally say " i was in the same surf beach as BILL FROM TOKIO HOTEL " haha! LAME!
When home straight after school to get the tickets from my brother. THANK YOU DEAR BROTHER FOR THE TICKETS! :D
Met up with ing in prymaid. We somehow lost each other. Turns out she when out I when in xD LOL! whatever la. Anyway, Ing found out her friend was going as well. So both of us followed her. And i found out jinyang was going as well. So meet up and when together. We potong literally HALF the Q. Sad for the suckers at the back xD
Line was insane k. Not long after getting in it started to rain. And not like small "its ok. abit only." rain. More like "OH FUCK! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE poncho!!" rain. haha.

see? :)

Then after a while Bunkface came on. And i have to say they aren't half bad. You know for a malaysian band. :)
Prom queen & Bunkface anthem. :D

Bunkface. :)

Then it stopped raining. MCs were.. MEH. :P Ing hated them tho. haha.
Then wonder girls came on. And the guys when INSANE. Yes, and thanks to them
my ears are seriously damaged from their out-of-tune singing. xD And since it stopped raining
it got really HOT from head down. haha. Like Ing said. " green house effect" :P Then some fuckers started smoking. (thanks fuckers. I think i lost 5days of my life.)

Haha. Guys. Like what wengxian ( dude in pink) said HARDCORE fans. -.-||

After wonder girls finished. Ing and I when to the back because our backs were hurting
and legs were failing. xD I turned around and when WTF. SUPER CLEAR VIEW OF THE SCREENS AND THE STAGE. -.- unlike in the middle of the crowd. Can't see anything, HOT as the sahara and people smoking their life away. So we grab our poncho's place them on the ground and park our asses on it.
haha. One word.. HEAVEN! :D
Ing got a cold chicken burger. xD Then the guys came. And parked their butts too.
Then water, pizza, burger, rubbish talking, laughing, water-in-the-face (Ingrid VS wengxian) Ing won btw. :P
started raining agian. So they took a while. They had their technical problems. bla bla bla.



was awesome! :D Ing and I were singing along ( In-tune :P ) and jumping and cheering!! :D

Then waited agian for an hour for Katy Perry. If you seen her stage you would understand.
Effing good too! :) She's soooooo prettyyy! :D Love her eyes ;D
Ing said the cupcakes were real. True ar?! :/
New songs from her new album..
Teenage drama
PEACOCK! HAHA! The song when like..
" I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock, Your peacock-cock-cock"
HAHAHA! I know. Ing said Jinyang chock on his water xD PRO!

Walked back right up to the from of the enterance. And on the way there we had to walk through the water park. And i was joking about what happens if suddnely something POP out of the water.
You know. Long hair, white dress. ;D
They got freaked. haha and i Laughed. I'm mean, i know. :) reached back around 130.
Dead on the bed by 230 since I had to wash my hair. hehe! Overall, It was an awesome da
y. :D


My total obsession right now. :D



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me = LAZY!

HELLO WORLD! I'm sorry I haven't been updating. ): i realize I can't drag my lazy ass to the computer and press the ON button. Well, least i'm updating now right?! :P BUT I'm still lazy to update now. SO HOW?! :/

What to do. Short post only lo! :D
Someone's birthday is coming soon and I still don't know what to get for her.
INGRID NG, it's time to brain storm! :)

I shall update soon enough. ciao


i'm leaving all the crap behind me. DAMN lazy to fight with people who isn't worth my time. So, have an awesome life. WHATEVER!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Waste of earth space.

Hello world. :) i promise i will update after cheer 2010 tomorrow. :) I now will want to let lose some steam. So please, If you do not want to continue please exit by clicking the red X on your top right corner. Thank you. PLEASE come back soon, I PROMISE ON MY GOLD FISH LIFE THERE WILL BE A PROPER POST BY THEN. ;D

You know,
After, Oh I don't know 3 in a half years of friendship there you would think that someone(s) would stand up for you when some bitch insults you. But nooo.. that someone just goes with it with a laugh and agreeing. Seriously?! man, you need to grow some balls. When you were dating someone really close to me you were so nice and fun and all that. But now? dude, don't fucking think your cool shit k? without your guitar, your nothing but a worthless piece of shit that doesn't even deserve a name. You deserve a dog leash and a bush. Seriously, you hang with so many bitches you become a bitch. HELL, you're already one. Bitches that looks like a grandma, sitck thin and one that has a orgasm laugh and a fake accent that can make ears bleed.
I thought you were different.
i thought you had our backs even after it was over,
i thought you HAVE BALLS. ( guess i was wrong)
I thought you were our friend,
i thought.. we can be as close as we were after you and her was over.
You didn't have the dam guts to stand up for your FRIENDS that you known since form2. Seriously, with an attitude like that? You'll be friendless by the time your in college. Can't wait for that jackass. Just so you know, i really don't like you anymore so you can go to hell and rot there with you terrible guitar playing. (Y)


Man, seriously, we gonna start this blog fight again?? BITCH, you better watch that mouth of yours. Don't act so fucking smart. DON'T THINK FOR A FUCKING SECOND I WON'T BACKSTABB THAT BOYFRIEND OF YOURS. OH! wait, i already did. :) and trust me, since you poison him with that mouth of yours. His GONNA have hell from now on since he loves to sleep in class and snor like a fucking pig. I already got him in trouble with our oh-to-kind English teacher. TRUST me, I'll make it harder for him from now on. BOTH of you can go to hell and have a fucking happily ever after. NOT! btw, i so am NOT sorry for what i did last year. Am pretty happy i did it too. Because well, THINK about it, HE LET ME. :) DIDN'T ONCE think about you. Hell, your just a waste of head room. Oh, and did anyone ever tell you, you need to laugh like a normal human being?? From what i can see, you're the prostitude here because well,

ONE: you laugh like your having an orgasm
TWO: you need to lose the FAKE accent
THREE: insult my girlfriend one more time and i'll make you pay.

Seriously, you haven't seen the devil in me yet bitch. But i'll take it all out on your little boyfriend who FYI, needs to grow some balls too. :) HEY, when he goes to you crying like a baby cos of what i did/do. you know who to blame. YES, yourself. Go rot in hell la. fyi, PRADA will NEVER want someone like you wearing/using their stuff. Gives them a bad name. ha.
OH OH OH! one more thing, LIKE is spelled L-I-K-E not L-Y-K-E. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING IN OLEVELS. LIKE also cannot spell correctly. TSKTSK!


I'm now done and feel much much better. *sign, why is the world filled with people like those?? WASTE OF SPACE la. :) GO BYE FOR NOW


Friday, June 25, 2010

Silent truth.

Hello world! :D After a very very very long long long one month of not updating I'm finally going to update my dead-ass blog now. HAHA. FYI, I'm just gonna blog rubbish.


In the end. who won?

i watched the whole fucking game yelling at the tv when brazil NEARLY scored and pulling my hair when portugal nearly scored. In the end, I had a "what the fuck" look. HOW IN THE RIGHT WORLD CAN BRAZIL DRAW WITH PORTUGAL! -.- i mean COME on! its BRAZIL! ): was pretty disappointed! Its the first time brazil didn't score if i heard right. mad sad. oh oh! and one more thing..


Now, As a problem i always have. I don't know what to do blog about. HAHA. My life is VERY boring. Nothing special ever happens. OH if you count exams. haha oh well, i try to update more. bye for now. :)

my sexy messi ♥ ♥ hehe!

I want!! Can someone buy for me! ): OMG! messi has this shirt!! argh. ): ):


Jasmine Han. HAHAH!

xo, J.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life's a bitch.

Hello all. Its 1.11am and i'm awake can't sleep. So i'm gonna update my dead ass blog for the first time in a month. :) Life has been.. suxy. bye.

P.s: i read for one reason. To run from reality.

signing off,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just want to fly away.

Ever felt left out before? Know the feeling? well, i can tell you its suck BIG time. Been really depress lately. Pretty much my life is falling down around me. I tear every time small things happen. Piss when things don't go my way or reasons that are to mean to even type here. I keep asking myself if there's something seriously wrong with me? But every time i do i can never answer.

I don't know what's wrong with me now a days. I keep feeling like i'm losing everyone around me. Like i'm pushed to the back of everyone's life. ): i don't know.

I'm mother fucking depressed!!! :( i fucking wanna cry every second and there's no one with a tissue and to tell me its gonna be ok! :( I'm not important to anyone anymore. I think if i die no one would care. haihz.

signing off,

Monday, April 12, 2010

You could easily take my heart.

Hello yaa. :) I'm gonna cut all the "hello, how you doing?!" crap. Anyway, Had cross-country last Saturday! At first, I wasn't planning to go because well, I'M LAZY AND WANNA SLEEP! EH! had to wake up at 7 k! so early. -.- Anyway, met up with the besties and bola bla bla. OH did i mention it was raining cats&dogs? So everyone was just waiting around praying the rain will stop before 830. But it didn't so we still had to run. So, you guessed it. We ran in the rain and to tell you the truth, IT WAS WAY BETTER THEN RUNNING IN THE FURRRKING HOT SUN! Besides killing a good hair day i qualified. :) got number 66 and no. No top 12 sadly. ( HAHAHAHA! PLEASE! who am i kidding?! i can't even run for lake run la. which btw, i didn't qualified. All i needed was 30 more seconds. -.- BITCH) Anyway, and here's the fun part, after getting my position card i walked into the guard house and being a clumsy bitch i am.. i fell and made mel scream xD ( she can't stop screaming for anything la) and to top it all off i fell in front of Nathan. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MAN SAID TO ME??!!!! " be careful, its wet. " #&*@^%#(@&$#&%)&#)%!!! HELLO?! LATE MUCH?! -.- and i looked at him and wanted to scream. whatever la. Then blood was dripping down my leg so mel was running around looking for tissue. haha. thanks to everyone who asked about it. :) Its fine now even if i can't really bend my knee or walk properly since my leg muscles is killing me now. ): my whole left leg dam cacat. :/ SAD! oh well. gets me out of pe for awhile :P anyway, the nasty picture will be posted later. :) BYEEE!!!

Trust no one at your back unless you want them to bury a knife in it